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Mapa Teatro’s ‘Art, Memory and the City’: Performing Bogotá’s open wounds

In Bogotá, the performance and artistic collaborative Mapa Teatro Labatorio des Artistas, created a series of projects, ‘Art, Memory and the City’ (1993-2010), that challenges ongoing systemic violences.[1] Working with inhabitant-experts, everyday mazeways, and places, they create environments and new relational geographies that invite passersby to witness the gaps and traumas created in the wake of serial displacements. Their creative methodologies include mapping practices, story telling, bodywork and explorations of myth. Drawing upon their creative practice, which includes place-based and intergenerational ethical forms of care, I examine how their performed encounters with a wounded city calls attention to the injustices of current planning, policy, and development agendas. Embedded artistic encounters with existing and once inhabited places may encourage residents and guests to become responsible for each other and for places in ways that result in longer-standing socially sustainable processes.

[1] Project C’úndua, Project Prometeo I and IIRe-Corridos/Run-Throughs, Cleaning of the Augean Stables, Testimony to the Ruins, and Cartographic Quicksand.

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