Fiona Delaney


Ansam Aljbouri, Khadija Hussein, Josephine Muraketete

A reflection on work undertaken at the Sewing Club at the Tower Migrant Reception Centre in Clondalkin between 2009 and 2011.

Examining contemporaneous filmed artifacts ​The Sewing Room ​ (14mins) and ​Flight Path ​ (9mins) alongside other filmed material ​Knitting Circle (7mins), ​Halima ​ (3mins) and ​House ​ (3mins)

​Tethered reflects specifically on the body in detention, evidence of resistance and the role of imagination and collaborative action. In putting together ​Tethered, ​Delaney reconnected with a number of her collaborators and invited them to participate in the reflective process. Some of the participants have since moved out of the Centre and moved on, others remain, now in their ninth year under Direct Provision. The reflection process involved meetings with former collaborators; viewings of artifacts; open discussions and one ­to­one interviews exploring notions about the opportunity of participation and imaginative engagement in relation to ‘soft’ detention and resistance.




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