A Countable Transparency

Saturday 28th March

installation/all day


Bailley Allen Hall NUI Galway

This performance Installation invites you to navigate its unpredictable landscape and follow your impulse to engage with it.  To become an instrumental force in the formation, dispersal and reformation of it's patterns, to discover the transient narratives which may emerge from your encounter. 

A Countable Transparency is a relational performance-installation which proposes an invitation to move, to reflect and to play.  It hopes to provide an artistic framework supporting movement as an embodied encounter with a real and an abstracted, hypothetical humanity.  Space is a continuous flow alive with interactions: moving through and into the body. This is space to reflect on the subtle relationships between moving bodies; a place to consider ourselves as a vast inter-connected body of water, an opportunity to notice the moving body as a mode of thinking. A kind of choreographic playground allowing for intricate strategies of avoidance and engagement.  A Countable Transparency experiments with contradictions. It looks at both the great power within us to effect change on our environment; immediate and global.  At the same time it acknowledges our disempowerment, helplessness and guilt. It functions as a metaphor to echo the scale of our existence using our most basic element, water, as the medium for discovery.

Astrid Walsh and Regan O'Brien have been engaged in process led, collaborative dialogue through performance, video, digital media, photography, drawing, and writing since 2007 when they were associate artists of Genesis Project Dublin.  Their work together explores the gendered body, water as a medium for exploring change and creating spaces where new thinking may emerge through engagement with art and each other. Paying particular attention to touch, sound and movement as some of the feminine modalities of communication, this piece invites reflection on the continuum of our shared or inter-subjective reality. 
Regan and Astrid respectfully acknowledge the generous support of the following people in the creation and production of this work: 
Ríonach Ní Néill and Galway Dance Days Festival, NUIG & Bryan Rabbitte, Fumbally Court Studio Dublin, Dr. Niall Coughlan (Sound Artist), Simon Milligan (Sound Artist), Amanda Feery (Sound Artist). Cork Film Centre
Olwyn Davis, Ian ‘Grahamer’ Grahame & Lua Rose Shelley O’Brien.

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