Compagnie Nacera Belaza

Friday 27th March 8pm

Black Box, Dyke Rd, 8pm

 Irish Premiere



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 Nacera Belaza practices the detailed drawing, the imperceptible nuance, the painting of a slow-moving body with a play of light and shade. She is to the dance what Bresson is to the cinema…” —RTBF

Compagnie Nacera Belaza is invited regularly to perform at such prestigious festivals as Festival Montpellier Danse and Festival d’Avignon. Self-taught, Nacera's works have toured the globe. The Irish premiere for this beautifully mesmeric Algerian/French choreographer.

Le Trait - Solos is a two-part performance choreographed and performed individually by Nacera and Dalila Belaza. The performance allows the audience to experience the emptiness that surrounds oneself, heightening the sense of loneliness. For Nacera, the starting point of a solo has not been about putting a being on stage to ‘tell’ or to ‘perform’, but rather, to offer the most radical interpretation of loneliness from oneself. It is a work that explains precisely the final act of being alone in the world.  

Le Temps Scellé was first performed at the Lyon Biennale in 2010. The movement inhabiting the bodies transports them towards an overwhelming question – who or what, on the brink of abandon, is able to resist? Up to what point is a person allowed, or capable of voluntarily disappearing? The momentary feeling of living a moment freed from its fears and physical constraints, while abandoning oneself to become the ‘whole’ is explored in the work. This piece assumes a new ceremony, creating an impressive and spellbinding performance.







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