Saturday..March 28th..8pm

The Cube, NUI Galway




How can we play nicely when some of us have louder voices than others? In a surreal arena created with lights, sound and movement, two women test their limits through a series of power games.

SENSORED is a rule-based performance that builds its logic in full view of the audience using a language of gestures derived from political speeches, exploring themes of power, control, oppression and voiclessness. With sophisticated use of simple mechanisms of lights and sound, a sharp sense of humour and poetic heroism, this movement-based and highly visual piece is a metaphor of a competitive and cruel society, where being seen and heard is all that matters.

The performers play out a kind of silent movie Beckettian entertainers trapped in a non-verbal world. Like Didi and Gogo wait for a man that never comes, the two inseparable women of SENSORED await for the opportunity to deliver a speech that never happens. They share a similar sense of frustration and impotence that provoke tensions and occasional explosions of anger between the two characters of Waiting for Godot.  

Created by Brazilian performer Thais Mennsitieri and Palestinian choreographer Noora Baker, SENSORED was devised from the meeting of two different artistic backgrounds and cultures, resulting in a movement-based performance that crosses the boundaries of dance and theatre. It speaks a universal language and taps into issues that are relevant to today’s world.

SENSORED is a playful and satiric interpretation of a society built upon harsh rules that encourage competition and inequality, a society where people crave power and fame, where real life is increasingly transforming into a great spectacle. In our civilized society, we have managed to control each other, to control light, electricity and knowledge, but no matter how much we try, we cannot escape the fact that we will never be able to control the inevitable end of life. 






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