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Orchestrating Unrest (placard folamh) presents the viewer with the language of protest and resistance as a visual syntax in which to analyse the methodology and manifestations of ‘proclaimed public opposition’. An underlying concern in this proposal is the refusal of power structures (governments etc) to dismiss acts of public protests. The ‘empty placard’ focuses on ‘protest apathy’ syndrome while the use of the loop feeds into the futility and frustration of conflict. This is further emphasised by the fact that ‘Orchestrating Unrest (placard folamh)’ is a reenactment of a 2004 piece entitled ‘protest’.


Andrew Duggan is an Irish artist whose video works, installations and projects explore the complex relationships between self and place. The dominant elements in his work of absence, repetition and transference are used to imbue a connection with constructed or imagined spaces and trace histories. Primarily presenting work outside the traditional gallery context, he selects spaces for their social, historical and architectural resonance. Working within the context of a defined space, Andrew chooses to collaborate with actors and dancers to explore particular movements, scripts or actions creating new meanings and definitions between person and place. He has created installations in handball alleys, war memorials, video projections in disused creameries, created video pieces in previously used film locations and pre abandoned housing estates.

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